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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Since Kay gave me a Gretsch Resonator guitar for Christmas the correlation between the music I like and the pots I make has become increasingly clear. During and after High School music was pretty much my whole life. Then I saw somebody making pots on a treadle wheel at a Art and Craft Fair in Zilker Park. Fast forward to the 90's. I degloved the tip of my index finger on my right hand when a load of lumber slipped off a forklift. My finger is ok but I lost just about an 1/8 inch off the tip. I always played Finger style, so I kind of quit. Fast forward again to December. The Blues was my first music love. Peter Green, Mississippi John Hurt, Lightning Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb, Johnny Winter and the list goes on.Kay getting me this guitar and hiding it from me for THREE months is another story!! Anyway I've never really been comfortable with the label "Mingei. To my knowledge no one has ever called me a "Mingei" style potter
just a reference. I've never considered myself a folk potter.So I'm thinking there are a lot of varied sources that potters like myself draw inspiration from. Not unlike a river delta there is a lot of good rich "DIRT" left behind from these sources, if you consider traditions are like rivers.  I make Root Pottery . Seems right somehow. ( I know the Mississippi Delta is not really a Delta)

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