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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Inspiration, The New Year

I've been working on a series of the iconic "hut pot".In the past I have stayed away because I never had a reference point other than other potters work. Then a year ago I found 1000 pounds of old Newman Red. It was 900 miles away and was picked up for me by a friend's father. When I went out to their ranch to pick it up.... the cistern! I couldn't believe it.Right in my own back yard.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Inspiration, The Middle Years : Continued

Bottle Vase  In 1985 Elmer Taylor invited Richard Batterham to N.T.S.U for a "closed" workshop. Elmer asked a small group of his former students to come and make pots along side Richard during the week before his exhibition opened at the university. At the end of Richard and Dinah's time in Texas, I casually asked if he ever needed help..... I knew he did not take apprentices or students but had two other potters there in the past to help with the general work around the pottery. It was worth the chance. Two years later we were in Dorset, repairing the floor in two of the four chambers of his kiln, mixing clay, sieving ashes, hauling muck to the garden. On our days away from the pottery Richard took us from small churches to magnificent cathedrals, Dinah to gardens and Reuben (son) to freehold pubs. It was when we meet John Leach, Svend Bayer and Clive Bowen. All of which would visit our pottery in Durango. It was a tremendous opportunity, one that would shape the way I worked from then til now.