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Sunday, July 15, 2012

John Reeve Part 2

 " Nowadays a potter is not just someone who makes for the local market. He is someone who makes objects with a real concern for the qualities of those objects which exist beyond-not excluding,but beyond-their simple utility. Someone who makes pots with love. That is a quality that can be transmitted through the object to other people.  I feel connected to the whole history of art, and the sources for my work are not shells,or clouds,or whatever, but pots and my own senses of pots. All I am trying to do is make what seems the relevant new versions of things. In a way, the obvious aspects of the form are not really what is important. I am not interested in committing novelty upon the world, but only in making objects which have some hidden magic to them,which are good objects to use and therefore might make it better to drink coffee."  John Reeve

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